Voice-Over Artist

Tim is an articulate native English voice-over with Anglo-American roots. He has worked regularly on several bi-lingual projects with actor/voice actor Rienus Krul where Rienus has performed the Dutch dialogue and Tim the English version of course! He has also worked with producers such as Tim Koomen and David-Jan Bronsgeest for the hugely successful horror short “Meet Jimmy“, Eric Van Der Velden  Rick Bazuin, Arjen Slings, Rick ArnoldRuben Broekhuis , and Timo van Schaik– to name a few. Furthermore, his deep baritone voice has been utilised for corporations like Top Brands, Funk e AnimationJumbo and In 60 Seconds. Dialogue by Tim has featured in projects such as the audio tour for the BABEL Exhibition in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen – in collaboration with his mentor Claire King and Hans Wessels. He has also provided audio book narration for Learning Ally in New Jersey USA for underprivileged children with learning disabilities (dyslexic, dumb or blind children for example) – “a humbling and fulfilling constant which can only be good for the soul!” Examples of Tim’s work can be found on the voice-over portfolio page or on Soundcloud.